A“Pinks Hospitality” means GLOBAL PINKS HOSPITALITY PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Limited Company registered under The Companies Act, 2013.
b. “Applicant” means any person(s) who is/are potential Vacationer/user who has applied for membership to the PINKS HOSPITALITY.
c. “Vacationer/User” means the applicant whose application for membership has been approved by the Management/authorized person of PINKS HOSPITALITY and in whose name the PINKS HOSPITALITY certificate is issued on realization of the Down payment
d. “ANNUAL MAINTAINENCE CHARGES” or “ANNUAL SUBCRIPTION FEES” means the charges which are decided by the Management of PINKS HOSPITALITY to be paid by the Vacationer every year
e. “INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE FEES” means the fees which the vacationer has to pay, to access various facilities as prescribed by the Government/service providers of the respective nations, prior to the booking and which may vary from time to time.


  1. The application for the membership to the PINKS HOSPITALITY may be made as per the prescribed format (‘application Form”) that forms a part of the Membership Terms and Conditions
    2. The Membership is subject to the Terms and Conditions, the rules and regulations made there under and as amended from time to time and as notified to the members by putting up a copy thereof at the Office Premises/Website or any other suitable place (“Rules and Regulations”).
    3. The Terms and Conditions include the FEE STRUCTURE for the Membership as of the date thereof as amended from time to time by the Management. PLAN & FEE STRUCTURE ARE FORMING PART OF THIS AGREEMENT
    4. The Management of the PINKS HOSPITALITY vests exclusively in the Partners/….. of PINKS HOSPITALITY and its authorized executives and who in these Rules and Regulations are referred to as “Management”. The Management reserves the right to reject or to conditionally accept the Application Form without assigning any reason whatsoever. A member (“Member”) is a person whose Application has been accepted by the Management/authorized persons.
    5. A member has the right to use the facilities provided by the PINKS HOSPITALITY on the days and during the time as has been specified by the Management. The Management may further notify the black out days as well as other category which might be notified to the member from time to time.
    6.. Payment made under Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd Ho will be considered as payment done for Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd membership and all terms and conditions of PINKS HOSPITALITY will be applicable.



Eligibility :

a. Persons indicated in clause “category of membership” here in above can offer their application for membership as per the details as given in Clause “Procedure” herein below.
No individual member, corporate who has been declared to be an un-dicharged insolvent or has been convicted by a court shall be eligible for the membership or the nomination to the Golf Resort.
A Corporate shall be eligible to nominate a fixed number of person for a period of time as provided for in the Fee Structure.


a. The application for these Vacationers needs to be submitted along with a copy of Identity Proof and address Proof. The Vacation charges mentioned should be paid via online favoring ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.”. Individual applicants/members seeking Membership are required to submit the duly filled in Application Form compete in all respects. Management of the PINKS HOSPITALITY has the absolute right to accept or reject any application for membership at their sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever and the applicant shall have no right to challenge the decision of the Management. Membership is awarded only after proper& complete procedure is followed as decided by management.
b. Cash Remittance- if any should be made only to ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT and spot receipt should be obtained along with a mail generated email sent to the registered mail address of the “Vacationer”. The company will not be held responsible under any circumstances for cash payments to be made to company sales personnel or any employees or marketing associates.

2. Vacationers Usage Rules:

a. A Vacationer is entitled for 5 night and 6 days every year
b. The calendar year is divided into white and Purple seasons
c. The accommodation shall be provided in Regular or Superior rooms subject to availability.
d. Vacationer is entitled for accommodation of the selected time and
1. Either for two adults with 2 Kid below 12 years of age
2. A standard room can accommodate maximum of
(a) two adults along with one washroom only.
Children above 12 years of age shall be considered as adult.
The criteria for age shall vary depending on the terms and conditions of the respective properties at which the agreement is being made. Extra bed will be provided at the rate as applicable in the allied (respective) properties.
Dependent vacationers above Twelve (12) years shall be considered as adult.
e. Vacationer travelling with 4 adults, the charges for one extra person will be borne by the vacationer and in case 2 rooms are allotted to member then nights deducted will be as per multiple apartment booking. All the bookings and room allocations will be subject to availability. There will be no scope of dispute regarding the same.
g. The Vacationer will have the right to use their nights, and cannot gift, can split the nights (2nights minimum) with prior information to ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” as per booking terms and conditions
g. Vacationers entitlement covers ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” affiliated/associated/allies’ properties which are including but not limited to short/long term lease/tie-ups
h. The Vacationers entitlement can be used in any of the alliance properties. The said list available on company website and shall be updated from time to time
i. The Vacationer user agrees that the vacation package is valid only when company receives the payment in full. The prices may revise from time to time without any prior notice.

3. Process of Availing Holidays:

  1. A member can avail holiday by giving by request for a reservation in prescribed by PINKS HOSPITALITY. In case of joint applicant request for availing holiday will be entertained from the principal member only.
    b. All holiday reservations shall be done on a first-come-first serve basis and are consequently subject to eligibility and availability. Booking window will be open 45 days to 30 days .

c. The Vacationer user agrees that he/she was informed about the season and accordingly he/she will make the booking request
d. The Vacationer user agrees that he/she understood the booking process and aware that booking can be done either through mail or through member login portal on Website.
f. The vacationer is liable to pay an exchange fees for using international tie-ups. The fees may vary between 1000 to 2000 depending on city/country, seasons and duration of travel.
g. Notwithstanding anything stated herein above PINKS HOSPITALITY, shall not incur any liability if it is not in a position to fulfill its obligations by reason of any War, civil commotion, force majeure, pandemics, Act of God, other notification/s from any court of law or Government of India or the concerned countries or any other reason beyond the reasonable control of PINKS HOSPITALITY.


a. In case of more than one applications, the first user will have the right to request for booking on particular date. The booking department would revert and subject to availability would confirm the booking and the confirmation of the same would be sent to the VACATIONER user through mail.
b. Any booking made cannot be cancelled. The Booking will automatically amount to usage of that holiday by the Vacationer.
c. The vacationer user can avail the benefits on full payment of gateway package with no due in system after receiving the gateway card and kit.
d. ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” has the rights to withdraw any properties from the list at any time without prior information.
e. Booking will be given on first come first serve basis and is open for booking as specified in clause below. Booking will be confirmed subject to availability as per our inventory allowed with the hotels/resorts.
f. A nominal exchange fees may applicable in form of luxury taxes or state taxes which is to be borne by Vacationer user .
g. Not with standing anything stated herein above, ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” shall not incur any liability if it is not in a position to fulfill the obligation by reason of War, civil commotion, act of god, any notification from any court of law or government or any other person beyond the reasonable control of ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.”.

5. General Conditions:

a. Withdrawal of Application and Terms of Refund. The Vacation user/ member understand that the Vacation CHARGES or Membership fees or gateway fees is./ are non-refundable under any circumstances and the Vacationer FEES/ membership fees/gateway charges is/are not a refundable deposit even irrespective of the services utilization.


a. A Vacationer user shall be liable to pay all taxes/charges/levies statutory or otherwise imposed by or payable to any government or local body or any other authority on Vacationer price or any other charges arising out of purchase /use of ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” gateway (taxes). Non-payment of taxes and levies shall disentitle the Vacationer user from enjoying vacations and shall amount to breach of contract and result in termination of Vacationer agreement.


  1. The Vacationer user agrees to purchase Vacationer product of ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” and ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” accepts the same, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement
    b. The Vacationer user understood the benefits available under these products which are more particularly listed out in this agreement. The Vacationer user further understands that no benefits other than those listed in this agreement will be available to the Vacationer user.
    c. The Vacationer user understands that Pickup/drop/sightseeing/flights/breakfast/lunch/dinner/hi-tea/brunch is not a part of his Vacationer product. It can be arranged only at an additional charge depending on resorts/place/country and ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” has no responsibility for such services.
    d. The Vacationer user understands that he/she are bounded by Rules and Regulations of ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” as duly amended from time to time. The decision of the management of” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” would be final in all matters.
    e. apart from these terms and conditions as mentioned above, all other statues as applicable shall be binding on Vacationer users.
    f. The Vacationer user understands that this agreement SUPERSEDES including but not limited to any communication whether written or oral or any other written communication issued by ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” representative (including company letterhead or stamp)
    g. The Vacationer user agrees that he/she have gone through terms and conditions and benefits/obligations and have understood and accepted the same.
    h. the correspondence from ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” shall be addressed to the first named applicant only.


a. The Vacationer user agrees to indemnify ,defend and hold harmless from all claims, disputes, litigations, judgments, all costs and attorney fees resulting from (a)loss, damage, or injury to the user and user family ,guests or their personnel property.(b) any acts or omissions of the Vacationer user (C) the booking of or travel in connection with a ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” package (d) the acts, omissions , products, or services of any travel suppliers person or company rendering services in connection with ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” (e) any failure or delay or performance by any travel supplier. ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items. Vacationer user also aware of the inherent risks to person and property while occupying residences near the ocean or that have pool / Jacuzzi features.


a. In the event of any difficulty, the Vacationer user can contact the call centre team of ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.” In the event, the Vacationer/User is not satisfied, the Vacationer/User shall discuss the issue with the resolution cell of the ” Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. at Ahmedabad. Even thereafter, if the parties fail to reach any amicable solution. All or any dispute and difference/s which may arise between the Parties, out of or in relation to this Terms and Conditions, shall be finally settled by arbitration in Ahmedabad by an arbitrator appointed by the Company, under Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The parties further agree that the award of the arbitrator is binding upon the parties and that judgement upon the award rendered may be entered in the court of competent jurisdiction


These services rendered hereunder are subject to all the applicable laws and regulation of India and the courts of Law, Ahmedabad City only shall have exclusive jurisdiction and there will be exclusion of all other courts to try and decide dispute, if any kind between the parties hereto.

These terms and conditions are agreed upon by the Vacationer/user and the Vacationer/user agrees that he/she has read and understood all the terms and conditions.