Global Pinks Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. designs timeshare creations worth imagines assimilating fresh thoughts and stupendous research to provide the best possible offers worth memoir. Pinks Hospitality believes in works on customer driven methodology, quality, smooth and luxuries with emerging patterns.

We are excelled and excited to push our best foot forward in order to keep on improving and improvising continuously to provide the best possible hospitality benefits, beyond visualization, to all.

Pinks Hospitality, is a gathering of youthful, experienced, persevering, vigorous and dynamic cerebrums with energy to dominate, drive to make personality in All organization, capacity to make memoire to treasure for and gift out of any undertaking.

Pinks Hospitality is paramount for Hospitality and Leisure Division Group. The Director is young and dynamic goal-Oriented individual with years of experience in accommodation business besides other great ventures.

This resounds in the mission and vision statement which accentuates on the need to reform the excursion possessive industry by following the business standards along the lines with popular preferences. It is just a total take off from the traditional time share business.


To provide our preferred guests with best quality, thrilling excursion and cheering all with the best and hassle-free hospitality assets.


Pinks Hospitality envisions pioneering in the field of hospitality and time share through excellent services at unparalleled properties.


We give peace of mind as far as luxurious hassle-free vacation at most competitive price, easy affordability and smooth availability good for family and friends outing with values:

Welcome to the world of Global Pinks hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Here every holiday is an excuse, not only to relax, but to fall in love with your vacation all over again. We create unforgettable moments out of every wonderful holiday world with majestic mountains, breath taking surf and sand, cascading waterfalls and beautiful woods.